Fabric  &  Construction

We use quality fabrics or we don't make anything at all!

  1. We no longer make wool robes. 
  2. Read our WOOL 101 if you plan to buy a wool robe from another seller.  
  3. It can save you money.


FABRIC: We do not use buyer-supplied fabric.  No exceptions.


We offer robes in "mid-weight" black poly/cotton twill:  Black & Brown.


  1. We use a tight weave, bottom-weight poly/cotton with a soft "hand" (not scratchy)

  2. One square yard of fabric weighs 8-9 oz. 

  3. Each robe weighs 3 lbs depending on size and style

  4. Pre-washed, pre-shrunk before cutting

  5. Will BILLOW and FLOW as you sweep past

  6. We do NOT use flannel, robe fleece or felt, it's too light and clingy to hang right

  7. Hold up to light and you won't see through it.


Want to be sure of what we've got?Get sample swatches! 

Email a snail mail address; put SAMPLE FABRIC on the subject line.





FlatFell.jpg (250187 bytes)   Flat fell seaming used throughout.  NO raw edges.
   It takes longer to make, but will last for years
   No interlock stitching.  It's just not strong enough.



  1. Robes are very roomy, with plenty of space for the outfit underneath.

  2. Are you super-sized?  No problem--we'll custom fit! 

  3. Sleeves hang to the first knuckle.

  4. The hood is extra large.

  5. Hem up to 11.5  feet wide - 115"

  6. NOT a skinny bathrobe with a hood tacked on--we're talking SWEEP!

  7. Our robes are FULL because that's what looks right!

  8. Our measurement formula guarantees a perfect length, whatever your height.



  1. Are 14 inches (36 cm) wide at arm base to about 18 inches (41-46 cm) in width at bottom.

  2. We turn the arm hems under and top stitch a wide roll under. No narrow hemming here!



  1. No top seam!



  1. Accurate to the ones in the films, with a simple rolled hem.

  2. Sewn to the robe just the way they did for the film outfits, with gathers at the neck in the back.

  3. Hood measures 20 inches tall by 20 inches deep. (51 x 51 cm) 

  4. Hangs more than halfway down your back

  5. NO TOP SEAM -- unbroken fabric above forehead!

  6. That 40-inch (122 cm) wide frame for your face is great for shade on those missions to desert planets!


Closures?  Not here!

  1. No Velcro, ties, buttons, zippers or hook & eyes were on any robes in the costume exhibits.

  2. The robes are meant to be worn open.

  3. Besides, the robes just look cool billowing behind as you walk and turn.


The Great Shoulder Seam Kerfuffle:

The shoulders on our robes USED to have a top seam. 

Most people truly do not notice; this detail matters to a few, though, so we changed things!


Robes do NOT drag on ground.  

We just used an extra long one for these pics to show off the WIDE hem.

MystikMasterBackHood.jpg (214685 bytes)  Sleeve1.jpg (81734 bytes)  Hood1.jpg (50668 bytes)  RobeSide.jpg (69069 bytes)  MystikMasterBack.jpg (111164 bytes) 

Darth Temptress1.jpg (93919 bytes)  ObiScott.jpg (184422 bytes)  Jedi.jpg (99906 bytes)  Jedi2.jpg (78119 bytes)  Darth3.jpg (331964 bytes)

MORE photos on our GALLERY/FEEDBACK page!

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