If you need your order by Dec. 24
your HARD DEADLINE is December 15.

But do NOT wait that long!

Postal problems & bad weather can delay delivery.


Give us the time to do a great robe for you!


Hem your own robe and SAVE!

Get an 99.00 robe for only 89.00 -  FREE SHIPPING!


We have had requests for unhemmed robes from those with sewing experience who want to do the final work themselves.

This is our answer!



Buy an unhemmed robe at a discount and finish it yourself!

The robes are the same ones we sell elsewhere on the site.

 All interior seams are finished, the hood is attached, and the front opening is finished.

It's just not hemmed at the bottom or sleeves.

Put those in yourself!

We provide full instructions for the sewing-impaired.

If you can sew on a button, you can hand-hem a robe.

If you have a sewing machine, the job goes even faster!


We cut the robe to your measurements.

You don't have to cut anything!



Step 1:   Buy an unhemmed robe from this page!

We're usually able to ship the following day. 

Order on Saturday, we ship on Monday.

Step 2:   When the package arrives, follow the directions shown on this page.





Examples are on white fabric so details are clear.


We cut the robe to your measurements.

You don't have to cut anything yourself!

Please take careful measurements when you order.


Bottom hem directions:

Starting at center back, turn under raw edge 3/8 - 1/2 inch.


Turn under again and pin.

This is a good time to try the robe on to see if it is the right length!


Hand sew. . .  


or machine stitch.


If you sent correct measurements, the robe hem will be about 1-inch above floor level!




Sleeve hem:


Turn robe inside out and put it on. Stand up straight, arms down.

Mark where you want the sleeve edge to go. A safety pin works well for this.

Sleeves usually reach to the top of your first knuckle when you make a fist.

There will be several inches of excess material past that point.

Do NOT cut it off!

Remember - you don't have to cut anything!  Just sew!

The excess length will form the sleeve cuff.

(The following pictures show a sleeve for extra tall clients who have a longer reach.)

Turn under raw edge 1/2 inch.


Turn under again to form cuff, and pin it to the length you want. It should look like the photo.

The cuff should be about 3-4 inches deep.


  Hand sew for an invisible hem. . .  


 or machine stitch.


For the petite to average reach: The cuff edge naturally falls on seam line.


Just turn under raw edge 1/2 inch, pin to existing seam line, and sew  in place!



If these directions make no sense,

and you can't get someone to do the hemming,

then go ahead and order one of our regular custom robes!


HEM-IT-YOURSELF  mid-weight twill

only 79.00!     FREE SHIPPING IN U.S.!


Sorry, no international orders. (Yes, this includes Canada.)  Why?
Because once you add in 35.00 for shipping, it's likely you can find a robe for a similar price or less locally!



Measurements + contact number

Need item by: (Month/day)  Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping.





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