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Serving Jedi Knights and Sith Lords across the known galaxy since 2001.

By Special Appointment to His Supreme Crankiness, the Emperor. 


Our Mad Seamstress has been making costumes since 1974.

(Only a crazy person would be doing this job for that long.)

She drafted her own robe pattern after careful study of the originals in the films and the traveling museum exhibits.

She knows how important it is to have a camera-ready outfit, complete with what we call 


When you get your robe you'll know what we mean.

She drives us crazy, but you'll love her work.


Mystik Merchant


quality fabrics

quality construction

the best customer service


your money back.

It's that simple.

When you love the work you make a better product.

1.  Help us help you to make the perfect robe:
Read the EASY directions on the measurements page BEFORE
pressing any buy button!
Take your time--be ACCURATE, check for typos!
2.  We make only ROBES and CLOAKS, not the rest of the outfit.
We provide links to those sites. Just scroll down!
  3.  We do not make a Darth Maul like this:maul.jpg (59364 bytes)
    But our black robes are popular with Maul fans! 

If you need an accurate Maul outfit go to
Obi Wan's Jedi Academy and all its pics for help.

That's insane!  WHY would we want you to not buy something?
5.   We cannot exactly match the browns from the films.
Why? Because we get fabric from different suppliers.
If you wear an Anakin outfit under the robe,
people will know you're playing him.
If you wear an Obi Wan outfit under the robe,
they'll know you're playing him.
Please wear something under the robe--


--do not make a guest
appearance on Cops.
 Image used with permission,
courtesy of www.ashtonpress.com








 6.  Before you buy a robe for your partner, PLEASE be  
      certain that he/she really wants one!
Buying non-uberfans a custom robe won't convert them to
your side of the Force.
For a female non-fan: 
She'd much rather have dinner out at a nice place with candles and 
cloth napkins and see a non-fannish movie with you.
(It costs less than a robe.) 
Chocolates and flowers on a regular basis are good for then  
she will look more kindly on your fandom addictions.
Five minutes of attention in this area will buy you hours of approval.
For a guy: 
This can be tricky--if your fabulous fan-lady gifts you with a robe she 
might be in the throes of an Anakin or Obi Wan romantic fantasy.
Our advice is don't ask questions, wear it if she asks you to, 
go with the flow, and enjoy the moment!
7. Footwear!  
Get the boots right & the rest of the costume will look great!
Invest in a good set of high boots.
Take care of them and they will last for years.
Think about it, all the coolest dudes in the films had 'em on. 
Chicks dig those tall boots!
Visit the links below to find something you love.
8. Source pictures 
Easy!  Just do a Google Images search!
Good source pictures are not so easy.  If you have a certain look in mind
you need a large clear picture of the costume.
  A good picture.

  darthmaul.jpg (11333 bytes)     

A not-so-good picture.
Great drama, but too dark for details!



9.  Etiquette and respect
Few fans are more boring than self-appointed nitpickers.  
You've met 'em; maybe you've even been one.  It ain't cool.
Some compromise is inevitable; don't sweat it if you can't get a perfect clone
of what you saw on screen.

Do the best job you can with the resources at hand, make friends, and above all----

LINKS to helpful sites:

Where to buy the really cool art featured here.
They do custom-order pieces, too! 

Find the rest of the outfit here!
Outstanding custom cloaks! 
Excellent reference and how-to site with even more links!
Great replications, great prices!
The BEST, most accurate boots ever!
You truly have to see to believe!

This guy is just cool.

Great footwear source!
You've heard of them--now see the legend.

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