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Mystik Merchant is for sale!

Due to health issues, the Mad Seamstress is no longer able to sew. After long consideration, she has decided to sell the business.

This includes the Mystik Merchant name, the website, fabric sources, all the patterns, and instructions on how to sew them up.

The buyer must be willing to commit long term to running a small business in a professional manner. This is not a hobby!

Mystik Merchant has a solid reputation in the costuming business and is looking for someone with the passion and energy to uphold that and make it even better!

The Mad Seamstress will be there to answer all questions during the "learning curve" of taking on the job. She has a lot of tips, tricks, and years of experience. She won't be running it or taking in any money, but is happy to help out as "elder stateswoman" to the new "Mad Seamstress."

Above all, Mystik Merchant is serious about providing excellent customer service. We are into doing the right thing, not the easy thing. That's why we have the no questions guarantee. "Love the robe or a full refund" is central to that service. Since we opened in 1998, we've had about 5 refunds during the sale of well over a thousand robes -- THAT is how good we are!

The client is always first here. Clients are NOT walking wallets, but fellow fans with a passion to have the best outfit possible. Mystik Merchant's job is to make that easy and fun. It's not hard at all!

This will take some time to make the changeover to a new owner, help you learn the ropes, but you will be ready to go by September/October, the "busy" season.

The price is 2000.00.

You will make that back quickly enough, even during the "slow" season. You have to be ready to drop everything and start sewing when an order comes in, which is why this is an excellent work from home option.

Ideally, you should have a dedicated area set up 24/7 for the work. You will need a 72" x 30"" (minimum) table to lay out the fabric, super sharp sewing shears, and a really good sewing machine with heavy duty denim needles. A cheap machine (under 100$) will burn up in a couple months. You need a workhorse, not a hobby horse! We can recommend some brands.

The sewing area needs to be cat-free, dog free, and especially SMOKE FREE. Our clients may have allergies and there is nothing worse than trying on a long expected robe only to have it reeking from smoke or covered in pet fur.

Hours vary widely, depending on the season. During the Halloween rush you may have to put in 12-18 hour days to make client deadlines. Other times of the year you may have months with just 2-3 orders. You will have free time except when you don't!

You must have a washer and dryer or be willing to run down to a laundromat. All fabric is washed and run through a hot dryer to preshrink before cutting. Use dryer sheets so it's soft and it is easier to cut.

You need a vacuum cleaner with a wand accessory to get the lint and clean every day. You need a filter fan to get the lint out of the air, and be comfortable wearing a filter mask when sewing. Why? because the lint will get into your lungs like coal tar. You'll be coughing all the time, your pets will be coughing, the whole family will be coughing. For years we thought it was from pollen. Nope. Fabric lint!

(We'll show you how to make an excellent filter fan for less than 20.00!)

You also need to know how to manage a website. Being able to work in basic code is a must. (The Mad Seamstress is a techno twit, but figured it out.) Good spelling, grammar, and proofing skills are a must. The website and name are good until February 2018, then you'll have to renew. We'll turn all that over to you.

All purchases connected to the business are tax-deductible, including the buying of the business. Paypal fees, postage, mailing supplies, are all deductible. You will need to keep receipts and know how to fill out a Schedule C form and a Self-employment form at tax time.

You will need a Paypal account. We use their Merchant Services to create the BUY NOW boxes on the website. Well worth having!

You will need to take out a Doing Business As (DBA) in your county. This gives you a tax number. You may have to pay state income taxes and charge sales tax to buyers in your home state. You have to pay sales tax to the state every January. Since you are probably going to be better with keeping books, quarterly income tax payments are a good option to take.

If you think you're up to it -- serious buyers ONLY! -- you may contact us at mystikmerchantrobes@gmail.com

Read the client feedback below and on our galley page. If you are up to fulfilling that reputation, we want to hear from you!

Big and Tall? Petite?
We will fit you.
It's our specialty!

(Sorry, but we will not be making the "Kylo Ren" or "Darth Revan" outfits. )


Got the Apprentice Cloak yesterday, you guys rule, it's awesome! It's so nice to have something tall enough for me, thanks. - Travis, AR

How in the heck did you do a custom sewing order so fast? Simply shocking! - Tom B. Chicago

"I wanted to let you know how completely satisfied I am with the Sith Acolyte style robe. It fits perfectly!" - Jason B.

Your robes are F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!

Rebel Legion and The Jedi Assembly has me listed as "Formal/Canon". As close as you can get to screen accuracy. I wore my robes to "Star Wars in Concert" at The Palace of Auburn Hills and "Star Wars Celebration V" in Florida. Staff personnel for LucasFilm LTD. stated, "Oh my gosh, you look great!" -- ZHAR (John)

I just wanted to let you know my robes arrived today! And ... oh, my God, they are really awesome!! You did an excellent job on it and I'm entirely satisfied. Of course I will not hesitate to make another order in the future! Thank you so much again for it all! --- Charlotte C. -- in France

Mystik & the gang could not have been more helpful in my search for the perfect Jedi Robe! I asked a lot of questions, and they answered each and every one of them without complaint. They acted as my personal consultant and helped me choose the right robe for my Anakin costume, and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome.

I ordered my robe less than a week before Halloween and they were able to custom make my robe, pack it, and make certain it arrived at my house several days BEFORE Halloween. I was extremely impressed with the quality of the material and the size was a perfect fit. They know how to make a Jedi robe flow!

The pictures do not do my Jedi robe justice...you really do have to see it. If you have the means I highly suggest purchasing your robe from Mystik & the gang." Thanks for everything! -- Travis P.

I got my robe yesterday. I just love it! It’s simply awesome! Wore it around the apartment for a full hour and I couldn’t get myself to take it off. The fit is right and the sleeves are perfect, just as I had imagined it. You’re right, it’s full especially towards the hem, not like those cheap, slim robes I see on the net.

"I had initially planned to have a local tailor do it but I decided against it at the last minute. I thought it best to leave it to someone who has actually sewn robes countless times. That way, it could never go wrong. And I was not disappointed. And thanks for patiently answering my emails." -- Chris C., in France